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What Makes TRICO Better?

TRICO® Technology Center - The Science of Visibility

 TRICO Technology Center.

The TRICO® Technology Center located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, is an R&D expert. This is where we perfect the science of visibility. With world-class development and testing equipment, a relentlessly inventive team of engineers and rigorous quality control standards, TRICO continues to deliver “First in Industry” windscreen wiper technology innovations across the globe.

Protecting More Drivers

As a leader in wiper blades, TRICO produces over 5 million blades for the European market each year.

More Styles to Fit More Cars

From hybrid wiper blades and beam blades to conventional wipers and specialty blades, TRICO offers more styles to fit driver needs than any other wiper manufacturer.

Nearly 100% Coverage

With more styles, lengths and wiper arm types, TRICO offers the best wiper coverage around. In fact, no other wiper manufacturer makes windscreen wipers to fit more vehicles than TRICO.

TRICO®: It’s in the Numbers

  • Over 100 recent wiper patents with 23 granted or pending on beam blade technology alone
  • Sells wipers in over 50 countries on 5 continents
  • Employs over 70 engineers at our Technology Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and 200 engineers around the globe
  • Houses more than 60 test chambers, 150 test bucks and 6 full-size vehicle test bays for R&D
  • Manufactures millions of wiper blades annually

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