Original Equipment

Designed to exactly match your car’s original specifications


Durable Construction

High-strength polymer shell & spring steel construction is designed for lasting


Easy Installation

Pre-assembled connector for quick and easy wiper replacement every time

TRICO ExactFit® Beam


Original Equipment Beam - Engineered with Memory Curve Steel® beam technology for maximum windshield contact and uniform pressure for the clearest wipe. Perfect original equipment fit, form and function for your car.

Wiper blade size:

Available in lengths from 14” / 350mm to 32” / 800mm


Features & Benefits

  • Engineered for maximum contact with today’s highly curved windshields

  • Memory Curve Steel® beam provides uniform pressure for the clearest view

  • Original replacement wiper designed to exactly match your car’s original specifications as when your vehicle was new

  • Easy to install with pre-assembled connector makes replacement a breeze

TRICO Exact Fit Beam Wiper Blade Package TRICO Exact Fit Beam Wiper Blade

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